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In various lines of industrial work, safety and protection for you and your team, as well as the public, are crucial. When welding, for example, you must always wear a protective mask. However, are you making full use of a fume extractor? If not, are you aware of the benefits of putting one to use each time you weld?

If you’re new to welding or any kind of industrial work, it’s understandable if you’re unsure how a welding fume extractor works. In this quick guide, we will take you through all the basics you need to know.

What Exactly is a Fume Extractor?

A welding fume extractor, as the name suggests, is a system that works to remove harmful fumes and exhaust from the air. When welding, it is likely that you will generate dust and fumes which, when breathed in, can be extremely harmful to your health.

A fume extractor makes use of a fan and removes fumes as well as microscopic dust from your working environment. Welding is just one of many different industrial tasks that will require an extractor of this kind.

Welding Fume Extractor

A welding fume extractor will remove harmful additives in the air and expel fresh, clean air which is safe for you and your team to breathe in. Extraction units may also collect fine dust for disposal at a later date. Some tools may even come with dust extractors fitted onto them.

Why Do I Need a Welding Fume Extractor?

It is safe to say that welding is one of the most dangerous jobs in the industry. It not only requires incredible patience and an eye for detail but a willingness to adhere to health and safety standards. One wrong slip or failure to use the right equipment could prove hazardous to several people.

Microscopic dust, for example, can collect in the lungs of anyone who may breathe it in. They may not be able to see the dust. However, it can collect in lung cells and cause tissue necrosis. In later life, this can prove fatal. This means more and more workplaces are getting smarter about how to approach hazardous dust and fumes, in an effort to help keep their workforce healthy.

Investing in a Fume Extractor

It is crucial that you invest in a welding fume extractor before you start any work. Otherwise, you, your team and potentially members of the public could be at risk. Extractors and fans are very easy to set up and will work autonomously while you weld. Therefore, there is little to no excuse to start using one.

A fume extractor could make all the difference not just to your health, but to the lives of other people. Therefore, if you are about to go through welding work and don’t yet have a fan on hand, it may be time to make such an adjustment. Don’t worry, as there are plenty of options to choose from, as well as plenty of experts on hand to help guide you through to the right choice.

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