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If you work in an environment that is likely to generate plenty of dust and debris, it’s important to make sure you have the best tools to be able to clean and clear up safely. While it may not seem like it on the surface, dust can be deadly! Breathing in dust could lead to several breathing problems and long-term conditions, such as those which could cause cell necrosis in your lungs. Therefore, dust extractor filter bags are vitally important.

Are you already using a dust filter in your workplace? If you work with any kind of wood, stone or other elements likely to generate fine particles, there is a risk that you, your team and the public could breathe in microscopic pieces of dust that could cause serious damage. That’s why you should always make sure you have dust filter bags you can rely on for months and years to come.

Finding the Best Dust Extraction Filter Bags

Dust extractors are ideal for safely clearing up dust and debris in hazardous workplaces. If you do not take control of the dust you disperse, you are putting lives at risk. Even if you have a few windows and doors open, you are still unlikely to be doing enough to keep people safe.

Therefore, you need to make sure you are using the right dust extractors for your workplace and your needs. Different types of extractors can help to clear up anything you disperse. However, it is just as important to make sure you have dust filter bags that fit the equipment you are using. Finding the best dust extraction filter bags is as simple as looking for a trusted brand. Once you know whether you need small filter bags or large dust filter bags for your machinery, it’s a breeze to line up a dust protection plan for the months and years to come.

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Changing Your Bags Regularly

It’s also crucial that you change any dust filter bags you use regularly. Harmful dust must always be safely cleaned and removed from any areas where it is likely to be breathed back in. Reusing a dust filter bag that is full of debris is going to risk further dispersal. Therefore, you must make sure that you have dust filtration bags that you can swap out and safely clean. Some Customers are proud of how long they have a filter bag in use without changing it, False economy, as the extract fan need’s more power to draw through a partially blocked or blocked filter.

Don’t ever try to fill up a dust bag to capacity, however! This, again, may put people at risk when you don’t intend to.

Be Smart on Dust

Dust filtration is something that all workplaces working with potentially hazardous materials should have a plan for. Even though sawing and drilling wood and stone may not seem particularly harmful at first, even the slightest particle dispersal may cause severe illness. Always make sure you have a dust extraction system in place, and that you change your bags regularly!

SSF offer Dust and Fume control solutions from the design, supply and installation, our systems are designed to suit your specific requirements by our qualified Engineers. All our systems (For example, fume extractors) are designed to the latest COSHH regulations (including ATEX if applicable) Upon completion of our works we will carry out a full commissioning procedure of the system to ensure your compliance with Regulation 9 of the CoSHH Regulations) We pride ourselves on working with our clients to design a dust or fume extractor that suits your requirements and budget. For a free no obligation quote please contact us on 02476 452203 or email to info@s-sf.co.uk