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A HVAC filter (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) helps to improve air quality. The air quality can be improved by removing unwanted particles in the air which could be due to odours, gases, dust or larger debris. It does this within heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems by removing unwanted particles from the air.

Types of HVAC Filters

There are different types of filter that include HEPA HVAC filters, UV Filters and many more. A HVAC air filter will usually be made up of a frame of plastic or metal covered by some form of fibrous material. The type of filter required will depend on each need. The main ways in which the filters themselves differ from each other is the material that is used for the filter. They can differ in the size of debris they can prevent from entering a system. For example, an HVAC Hepa filter system can prevent the smallest size at 0.3 microns.

A different filter would be needed, for example, depending on the job at hand. Say someone just needed to prevent dust from getting into a system, a simple pleated filter will be sufficient. However, a charcoal element in the filter would be better for a bigger job such as removing odour.

How do HVAC Filters Work?

So, how do HVAC air filters work? Most of the time air filters are composed of a gauze-like material that allows air through but stops larger particles from getting past. The debris is collected in the gauze and will need to be washed or replaced after a certain amount of time. To prevent elements within the ventilation system from overheating or functioning incorrectly, they will need to be correctly attended to.

HVAC Filter

Importance of HVAC Filters

Having a HVAC filter and indeed the correct one for your system within your organisation or home is very important and brings a number of benefits to you and anyone else within the space. Your health can generally be improved because the filters will not only be keeping out all of the above that was mentioned, it should also help remove mould spores, animal fur, bacteria, microorganisms, pollen and more. Dirty air can cause a range of problems that include asthma, allergies, headaches and cardiovascular disease to name a few potential conditions that could arise. Changing filters regularly will help narrow down the chances of such issues.

Furthermore, you also allow yourself to have better temperature control with HVAC filters, and as a result, save money in the long run. A HVAC system will be working so much more efficiently and be producing the correct amount of heated or cooled air. When the filters are clean, the air will pass through them with complete ease and so a person is able to better maintain the internal temperature of a space. You can provide yourself with a more accurate temperature that the rooms require, helping to save money by avoiding sky-high energy costs.

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