Specialist Spray and Filter
Address: Unit 1 Herald Business Park, Golden Acres Lane, Binley Industrial Estate, Coventry, CV3 2SY
Specialist Spray and Filter work across a range of industries, tailoring our solutions specifically to the applications and circumstances of the customer. Our broad catalogue of politics – and our customer-driven service – means that we’re capable of extremely flexible thinking in terms of how to design, install and maintain your filter and spray equipment.

The industrial sectors which we work include the following:

1. Food manufacturers: chocolate spray, rape seed oil, sugar;
2. Furniture: adhesive, PU lacquer spray, decorative finishes;
3. Automotive: interior & exterior manufacturers, adhesive spray, paint spray, injection moulding release agent;
4. Animal Food: molasses spray;
5. Aggregate: decorative, cutting blade lubricants;
6. Health-care: disinfectant water spray;
7. Engineering: paint spray, lazer cutting;
8. Ceramic: glaze spray.

We are not, however, limited in our ability to adapt technologies to your specific requirements. Please do get in touch to talk to one of our experienced, knowledgeable engineers about your needs.