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Bulk bag dischargers are both economical and safe. Suitably for a variety of materials, they are in increasingly wide use across a range of industries. Bulk bags – or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers – are great choices for small or large volume users, and are available to suit most transfer equipment on the market.

Our SBB-type FIBC Dischargers consist of a steel frame complete with a material discharge hopper and an upper mobile crossbar, which can lift the filled bag by forklift truck into the Discharger.

SBB is a versatile modular system for discharging FIBCs in a wide array of configurations. This means that they are well-placed for arrangement around client needs, and suitable for installation across an array of applications. Not only that, by the SBB is extremely user-fiendly: the FIBC (or big bag) is easily introduced into the support frame, and discharge is dust-free.

Introduction of the FIBC is straightforward: a detached crossbar is laid on top of the FIBC, and its hooks attached to the bag’s the four loops. The crossbar with the attached FIBC is then picked up by a forklift truck and introduced into the frame of the SBB Discharger. Once the FIBC has settled on the rubber seal of the discharge hopper, the outlet closing rope of the FIBC can be pulled open through the inspection hatch of the discharge hopper.

Simple, effective and efficient, the SBC is a great discharge option. We can offer off-the-shelf solutions to clients in urgent or straightforward need of FIBC dischargers, but we also offer custom-made solutions to suit the specific requirements of your business and environment.

We also offer a range of discharge equipment, conveying and filtration solutions. So contact us today to get started.