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Loading chutes are far from straightforward funnels: efficient, dust-controlled loading of dry, dusty bulk solids into tankers in a science. Our BELLOJET® ZA Loading chutes are provided with inner tapered cones to contain the flow of material, and an outer double bellow to provide for dust removal. They are connected to the tanker using patented sealing technology, to provide no escape for dust particles.

The BELLOJET® dust filtration system comes with eight cartridges as standard, providing an overall surface area of 10m2. The unit’s a 2.2 kW (3.0 HP) fan increases the efficiency of the filtering elements. In fact, due to an after-shutdown-cleaning-cycle, the filter elements are always in perfect condition at the start of each new loading, preventing full extension and contraction of the bellow.

Connecting the chute to the silo couldn’t be easier or safer. Offering continuous loading at a maximum bulk material flow rate of 250m3/h, the unit’s loading bellow is lowered from its stand-by position and settles on the inlet spout of the tanker. An in-built slack cable switch halts lowering as soon as the bellow is in place). The silo outlet valve then commences material loading. (The outlet can be equipped with an optional anti-spillage device, which acts as a dustproof stopper as the Loading Bellow is being raised.)

Loading is clean, quick, and hassle-free. The outlet cone’s perfect dust seal is complemented by a filter fan that continuously sucks dust through the external bellow, into the integrated filter cartridges in the upper section of the unit. The unit exhausts excess air, and the slack cable switch allows further extension of the bellow as the tanker lowers under the increasing material weight. Maximum material level is monitored and indicated by on-board diagnostics which automatically closes the outlet valve when necessary.

Ongoing maintenance is made easy by the unit. Once a loading cycle is complete, the bellow contracts back to stand-by position following a delay of approximately ten seconds, in order to allow the filter to evacuate the remaining dust. Once the bellow is fully contracted, the cable limit switch inside the transmission box stops operation. The pre-set cleaning cycle then provides additional pulse jet cleaning of the filter cartridges for another ten minutes.

This complete loading chute solution offers efficiency, reliability and quality. Contact us today to learn more.