Specialist Spray and Filter
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Contamination-free feeding of powders is more important than ever: with efficiency ever more important in the face of rising prices, the quality of your micro-batch feeders is crucial. That’s why we stock only the best products, informed by our experience and knowledge of our client’s needs and the technical aspects of the devices that can meet them.

The MBF Micro-Batch Feeder offers unsurpassed performance in continuous volumetric feeding of powdery or granular materials. It consists of a steel-reinforced polymer body, a horizontally-mounted rotating agitator tool, a feeder screw beneath the agitator tool, a feeder pipe enclosing the protruding feeder screw, and one drive unit each for agitator and feeder screw. There is also an option for a body main entirely of steel.

The Micro-Batch Feeders we offer prize efficiency and performance, and are particularly suitable for poorly-flowing materials which tend to clog – further improving and streamlining your processes. Applicable across a range of discharge options – from a bag opening hopper to an FIBC discharger – the MBF’s agitator tool is expressly designed to keep material flowing and reduce lumps and bridges.

The body geometry of the MBR Micro-Batch Feeder has been optimised and tested to the highest standards.

Both product flow and material stress test results are excellent, and the agitator and feeder tools have likewise reach a range of exacting geometry and material benchmarks. Not only that, but MBF Micro-Batch Feeders are supplied in food-grade versions.

Our experienced engineers can advise on precisely the right MBF solution, taking into the consideration the variables which impact upon each application: from the size of the product particles, their coarseness or fineness, to how well your materials flow or cohere. Indeed, Depending on the user’s individual requirements, MBF Micro-Batch Feeders can be supplied with alternative feeder screws and blending tools and with various accessories.

If you would like to run trials on a picture product, we can arrange for you to come along to our test facility in Gloucestershire. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.