Specialist Spray and Filter
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You don’t need us to emphasise the importance of safety and efficiency: you need your silos to be reliable and operational at all times. From EN 13445 to EN 14460, there are a range of regulations designed to ensure that employers achieve just that mix – and our products will meet those standards and exceed your expectations.

That’s why we offer an one-stop-shop silo safety package to protect your silo from over-filling and over-pressurisation. We offer single or multiple silo solutions, and available components include:

Control panel IP65
High level probe
Silo filling pipe automatic shut-off valve
Silo fill pipe connection
Electronic pressure meter
Pressure relief Valve
Pressure relief valve with proximity switch
Silo venting filter (if required)
As in all our other areas of speciality, we can also offer a customized solution to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced engineers are on hand to consult on the right pressure for your silo system, and the best way to protect it.

Contact us today to begin a conversation about ensuring the safety of your silo systemsilo system.