Specialist Spray and Filter
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Panel Filters

Our wide range of panel filters offer our customers a full raft of options for their air filtration mechanisms: we want to provide the right product for you, so that we can slot them straight into your existing solution and ensure you are as compliant and safe as possible.

As with all our products, we carefully select our panel filters for quality, reliability and efficiency: from units which experience limited pressure drops across their life cycle to space-saving units which don’t stint on performance, we can help.

Our range of panel filter options include:

  • Panel filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Bag filters
  • Cut pads
  • Pad holding frames
  • Filter Rolls

Furthermore, our replication service provides the capacity to offer you a project even where it is not listed in our catalogue. So for the unique SSF mix of quality, customer service and consultation, contact us today – we’ll ensure your new panel filters are the best-suited units for the job.