Specialist Spray and Filter
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Foam filters are perfect for both fluid and gas filtration. Whether you’re filtering water, oil or air, foam is an essential material for dust control. From low flammability to post-treated foam filters, we offer a range of products to meet every requirement and comply with every relevant standard.

Our foam filters are water resistant and are graded in “pores” – which refers to the number of holes per inch within the foam media. For your convenience, and to fit a range of industrial applications, we supply foam media in a range of pore sizes – from 10ppi to 80ppi. Applications include:

  • Air conditioning filters
  • Automotive filters
  • Ventilation
  • Oil mist elimination
  • Cosmetics and separation filters

We pride ourselves on the suitability of our solutions to the needs of each individual client. So contact us today to get expert advice on the right foam solution for you – and to order that unit straight away from the same source!