Specialist Spray and Filter
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Grease filters serve a key function in today’s catering industry and we have the expertise to guide you on your filter needs. Grease filters maintain and improve hygiene standards and reduce the risk of fires and other hazards. We offer two primary types of grease filter:

Mesh Grease Filter 
The Specialist Spray and Filter mesh grease filter range has been specifically designed to remove grease and cooking oils efficiently from exhaust air in catering applications. They are robustly constructed for long life and theirintricate design ensures optimum efficiency. These filters are also easy to clean by the use of a special degreasing and cleaning tank or in an industrial dish washer.

Baffle Grease Filter 
Our Baffle filter innovatively ensures compliance with health and safety regulations, reducing fire risk and contamination. Baffle filters operate as the name suggests, by forcing greasy air through several rapid changes of direction. Since grease particulars cannot alter course as quickly as the air in which they travel, the grease filter is able to separate the two and drain the grease away. This improves energy efficiency and further reduces fire risk, obviating the need for regular cleaning.

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