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High-efficiency Particular Air [HEPA] filter removes 99.97% of the most difficult size of particles. This makes them often essential to meeting the regulatory responsibilities placed upon you by the relevant authorities. From hospitals to aeroplanes to industrial facilities, HEPA filters have come to be an essential part of many environments.

HEPA filters a range of airborne contaminants, including fine dust, smoke, soot, pollen and radioactive particles. Their broad application in final filter situation such as laboraties, nuclear plants, food processing or pharmaceutical environments is matched by their suitability for pre-filter functions in clean room environments and other critical applications.

These highly reliable, extremely efficient filters are also fully customisable. This means we’re able to construct filters around your specific requirements. Our non-standard HEPA filter services means we can provide the right system for you – without compromising on price or delivery time!

Our Aerocell range of HEPA filters is based on the industry standard of submicronic glass paper, pleated over aluminium or Kraft spacers. This basic concept retains a number of advantages over alternative designs in terms of initial and running costs, strength and dust-holding capacity. Our HEPAfilters make use of a range of materials to ensure suitability for all applications:

For temperatures up to 120°C wood cased or aluminium cased filters can be used.
For temperatures above 120°C use galvanised steel casings (up to 250°C).
For temperatures above 250°C use Stainless steel casings & silicone seal (up to 400°C).

6mm Neoprene Gasket is fitted on the clean air (downstream) side unless otherwise requested.

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