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Pad Holding System

Reloadable Pad Frames are ideal for use in reducing filter costs where a disposable panel filter is normally used. In this way, the filter system removes the need to dispose of the whole filter when only the core element of the filter has reached the end of its life – thus providing the most economic solutions in terms of storage, handling & disposal.

The FPF frames simply hold a pad of disposable media (either glass-fibre or synthetic), or washable media (for instance reticulated polyurethane foam). The frame can in this way be used again and again, offering lower long-term maintenance costs than can be achieved with a traditional disposable filter.

Likewise, the system is easily upgraded, or even adopted to different uses, over time through the use of different replacement pads. Of course, the filter pads are also easily stored in relatively smaller spaces – meaning that carriage costs are also reduced.

With a range of panel options and a range of customisable elements to fit every application, you will benefit from the advice of our experience engineers: so contact us today to discuss how we can provide the best pad holding system for you.