Specialist Spray and Filter
Address: Unit 1 Herald Business Park, Golden Acres Lane, Binley Industrial Estate, Coventry, CV3 2SY

At Specialist Spray & Filter Ltd we distribute our products to OEM Machine suppliers and numerous diverse manufacturers across the United Kingdom. Our clients are varied and numerous, because we have the perfect mix of product range and customer service.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the automatic spray and difficult hand spray application fields, covering both spray head and material transfer systems. In particular, we are extremely well-versed in Krautzberger, Kremlin and the other principle brands in this sector. Our expertise include:

  • Oil release agent suppression
  • Stain/Lacquer spraying
  • Adhesive applications
  • Robot plant spraying
  • Lubrication application
  • Rubber to metal bonding agents
  • Chocolate & sugar coating applications
  • Animal Food Flavourings

We supply a comprehensive range of automatic spraying & dosing equipment, including material transfer pumps and pressure feed containers, as well as spray gun extensions and much more.

We offer full UK coverage with Krautzberger, Wiwa, Kremlin, Devilbis/Binks, Graco & Dete Spray solutions. Our expert workforce offer the full package of application and material transfer equipment, and tailor their advice for each client and their particular method of application.

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