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What is Local ventilation Exhaust

Local Exhaust Ventilation [LEV] is a key workplace fume and dust extraction option in the industrial environment. Without LEV, the air of your workplace can become polluted with a range of particles and substances, including dusts, fumes and other contaminants.

LEV can help remove these substances from the air, thus prevented occupational diseases and improving the health and even productivity of your workers. It also improves your company’s environmental footprint.

Like any other system, LEV units can degrade over time. As specialists in dust and fume control systems we recommend that your LEV systems are maintained regularly and tested to ensure they continue to protect your workforce and do not become inefficient. This sort of maintenance is the best way to avoid more costly difficulties further down the line.

SSF offer a full range of servicing and maintenance solutions to suit your requirements:

  • An initial appraisal of your LEV system(s) is recommended to assess their current status.
  • We also suggest a regular maintenance programme, and can arrange a full service schedule – including frequent inspections by our qualified engineers.
  • An annual, thorough inspection and testing should be carried out by competent engineers.
  • Our long experience of providing and undertaking maintenance and testing contracts mean we’re efficient and knowledgeable experts: whether you require ongoing support or a one-off test, we can customise a package that fits your needs and systems exactly. Most important, we can make your workplace safe.